Pop-art psychoanalysis, pt. I: Carl Jung vs. Eddie Brock

A few days ago, when I opened the drawer in which I keep those old T-shirts I use for sleeping, those ones with the sleeves and collar cut off, I noticed the only clean sleeping T-shirt I had was this one from the mid-1990s that’s got MARVEL written in yellow block-like, sans-serif all-caps lettering running vertically from neckline to waist, and a character file-like imprint of Venom, the Spider-Man villain, in artist Mark Bagley’s early-1990s style with of the character’s particulars such as height, weight, hair color, powers & weapons, etc.

The fact that I’m actually (and coincidentally) able to produce such a piece of apparel with those very details from my wardrobe at age 27, in the same week the Venom-featuring Spider-Man 3 movies opens in the cinemas probably corroborates Carl Jung’s concept of Synchronicity: Related effects without a cause underlying an alleged order to the Universe itself, something like that.

Or, I suppose, it further corroborates the sheer miracle of having gotten laid before I turned 40.