Little Nemo in f*cked up land

Last night I dreamed about this girl M**** who was K****’s cousin and was friends with me back in High School and afterwards, and in the dream I met her purely by chance on the street and we went back to her place which was under this huge bridge near the docks, with huge semi-circular windows with thick metal grating covering them, and she showed me this magazine in which there were nude photos of herself because she was modeling or something, then we kissed and I went home but before that the dream sort of became lucid because I clearly remember thinking, Jesus, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so I went back to her place to carry on with the kissing bit and stuff.
Funny thing is that I haven’t seen this girl in what, seven or eight years or so. But she kind of looks like the girl in the lead role in this soap opera I was watching before going to bed, and the actress even plays twins. Not that I usually watch soap operas, you know, I was just changing the channels for an hour or so as I waited for the happy pills I’d taken for sleep to kick in…

A few nights before that I dreamed I was walking my grandfather, who’s already dead but by the time he was alive a few years ago he was struck pretty bad with Alzheimer’s, by some desert on Northern Africa, and we were captured by Nazi troops in khakis and taken to a POW camp, where I got to ask permission from that guy Rommel so that the Nazis wouldn’t whip my grandfather and stuff because he had Alzheimer’s, and also whether I could keep this Superman comic book I had with me because I sure wanted some reading material to spend time with while waiting for the war to end.