In the beginning… pt.V (excerpt from an imaginary screenplay)

The following piece is an excerpt from an imaginary screenplay, obviously done in (faux-)screenplay format, which sort of backdates some of the events described in this week’s series and serves not only as a prequel both in chronological content and foreshadowing, but also as a thematic coda of some sort, to them.

Like all other posts here, it is only as true as the reader is willing to believe…

Enter G**** (girl) and M**** (boy), who are both 19 and slightly more than just “best friends” at this point in time, coming down the circular staircase and through the living room overlooking the balcony. There’s no lighting save from the still-faint glow from the sun rising outside.

SUPERIMPOSE: G****’s father apartment. Early morning, December 30th, 1999.


(adjusts her nightgown, fixes her hair with her hands)

…And this is what I think the problem is, in the end: That perfect moment when you think you’ve found somebody and it’s all so special and you think it’s this holy thing that will eventually end up in marriage and kids or something and all of a sudden it just ends. Because people change. I don’t know. I mean, I would know, since I’ve just come from this awful break-up.


(scratches the back of his head)

Yeah. Like, life gets in the way or something.


Yeah, exactly. Something like that. You would think that, since you’ve seen it happening before with a friend or in a song or whatever and you have thought it over a hundred times, it just won’t happen to you. As if, once life hits you’d be ready, you’d know what to say and you’d know what to do and more important, the person you’re with would feel exactly the same way…

She heads over to the balcony, slides open the double glass doors, and walks outside to see the sun rise.

G**** (CONT’D)

…It’s just that, in the end, it doesn’t work that way. Change comes to one and all, you know? It’s like you’re in this perfect situation and give or take a few years wham!, there’s this magnetic pull forcing everybody apart and the perfect situation simply doesn’t exist anymore. Why do you think that kind of stuff happens anyway?



”When you grow up, your heart dies.”


(looks back at him and smiles)

I guess. Where did you get that from?



Some movie.




Yeah. Pretty cool.

The screen begins to fade to black, bleeding from the borders towards the center, and the volume to subside with it: we’re near the end.


So. What about that girl you were telling me about?


Yeah. Name’s F****. She’s friends with B****’s girlfriend, and really cute too. I met her at this bar last month and we sort of saw each other a lot afterwards. I called her just before Christmas and I really have a good feeling about it and…

Cut to black.