A brief troubleshooting guide to Life

You breeze through the first day but in a bad way and not entirely unlike a straw in a hurricane: Heuristics has long since given way to brute force as the matter at hand is tackled head-on despite your sheer meeting against every brick in the great wall of Chance amounting to nothing.
Blind rage is the first tenet of problem-solving and its color is fiery red. Speed is its main attribute and the visible world is the hunting ground under the solar aegis of your conscience, and maybe luck.
The words slipping from your lips ultimately come from the Bhagavad-Gita when the clock hits six pm and the final score amounts to failure and dust: “And I am become death, the shatterer of worlds.”

On the second day you shed your skin off and cut through rational thought with the Occam’s razor of your muse shining bright under the lunar sphere: Where brute force and conventional thinking have both struggled to no avail and every single detail has already been meditated upon all it takes you is one step sideways in order to gaze at the big picture from a different angle and baby, it gazes right back at you- Not the abyss in itself but the Truth shinning bright in all of its mathematical splendor.

It’s really in thinking every problem has its own answer somewhere dormant in its entirety- Every coded message carries its own decryption key- It speaks in signals and it speaks in signs.
It passes close, it grazes you by.
You stop babbling away your tomorrows to listen- The problem speaks to you and eternity beckons, only a keystroke away- You don’t learn by taking it in, but in letting it out.

I think it’s how scientists found out about Dark Matter, by the way.

There are two secret meanings to the Universe and the first one is encoded in tiny bits of “1” and “0” truisms and carried upon the atoms we inherited out of dead stars.
The second one is, of course, the secret Batman-joke God himself hid within Creation and told Lilith but not Adam.