The iron age, pt. I

So ***** comes up to me the other day and says they’re going to this restaurant afterwards and wants to know if I want in, only it’s a bit of an expensive restaurant. Would that be OK with me?
“Are you used to buying foreign comics?” I ask him in return. “I mean do you keep a comic book collection made strictly out of imports?”
No of course not, he tells me.
“Jesus man” I say with a half-smile “Then don’t talk to me of expensive because you have no idea what this word really means.

We end up totaling close to a DC Archives-per-person in local currency, considering not the cover price but the local selling price, due to the sh*tload of some fancy wine consumed during the meal.
That’s actually a little expensive indeed but doesn’t come even close to what the bookstore is used to billing me in any given month.

We call it a night with a joke: It’s not like junior will miss his lunch money anyway.