For each step forward…

Don’t stop me if you’ve heard this one because you’ve already heard this one last year indeed: I busted my knees while running one again, which is becoming sort of an annual event in my life.
I can barely walk this week. This sucks. To tell you the truth I was getting in a pretty good shape, in fact I was in better shape than I’ve been in years, god I think ever since I was 16- which I’ve begun to realize I’m not anymore.

I’d been losing the gut, gaining muscle, improving breathing, pushing the stamina up to a new level, etc and now I’ve come to a halt for the full week.
This time wasn’t so nasty as last year with at the paintball match because I was smart enough to stop before it got ugly; also there’s another reason: The Pet Shop Boys gig is tomorrow and I’ll probably kill myself if they play Suburbia and I’m standing there & not moving like an assh*le because my knees hurt.
Friday nights are supposed to heal anything so I’m counting on a miracle with this one as well: I’ve got enough medication to down a rhino, I’ve got a pile of the month’s comic books mostly unread and I’ve got vodka and Doritos too. Also, thanks to M**** I’ve got Bela Lugosi’s Dracula on DVD as well so as long as I stay put tonight I think I’ll make it alright. Get rrrrrrready for Operation: Couch Potato!

And coming to think of it in a rather sad, particular way I guess I’m kinda like that guy Dorian Gray, only sans the trimmings so far: I’ve been living my life as if I were perpetually 16 years old then going to a Pet Shop Boys concert…? Plus: Slim, neat, organized, perpetually single with a rather mysterious social life, likes sophisticated stuff, behaves in a slightly-off manner, etc…?
Jesus Christ, no wonder people have been Mitchell Hundred-ing me for the last few months. Only, it’s not really fair because when it’s Bruce Wayne doing it people suspect he’s Batman which is pretty cool… well, not that Batman ever attended a Pet Shop Boys concert anyhow but you get the general idea.

Anyway. I’ve got a 10-day vacations period coming right up so I guess I’m taking… No, wait. Scratch that. This just in: So I guess I should be taking the next week-and-a-half off but the management has just grounded me again because the Corporate World soooo can’t get enough of über-tacky Power Point presentations with colorful 3-D pie-charts all over them… at least so we can get to clog the e-mail servers for an afternoon or two by sending out hundreds of MBs of allegedly-very useful files to a rather large number of people who’ll never get to open the damn mail anyway unless you call them up later on to ask about it… yuck.
I’d like to tell you I’d be back here two Wednesdays from now but from the looks of it, see y’all next Monday. Gee. And hopefully still a biped.