Customizing Hourman: Rex is a chemist, Rick is an artist, and I’m neither

So the other day I firmly set my mind on customizing my brand-new Hourman collector’s action figure from DC Direct. See, Hourman- namely, Hourman II (Rick Tyler), the son of the original Hourman (Rex Tyler) is one of my favorite current comic book characters and I so love his new uniform: The way the pitch-black cowl with the yellow lining adheres to his face yet cascades loosely down his head, and those extra cool gauntlets with red trimmings!
Thing is, DC Direct released the Hourman II action figure with his fingers painted black as if he wore a full glove under the those gauntlets… But noooo, Hourman wears fingerless gloves under the gauntlets- and my task was pretty much cut out for me:
I was adamant in painting his fingers!

Finding the proper flesh-colored enamel paint was a cinch even though I did argue with the hobby store clerk because I thought he was pushing me the wrong color, thus I ended up buying two different shades (and as it turned out he was right).
Now, Rex Tyler- the original Hourman- is a chemist and his son Rick- the second Hourman- is an artist. Me, as you can probably tell, I’m neither. This, therefore, was what came to pass:

I put a CD on, I think it was A-Ha (I know, I know, but corny activities require corny music) and decided hey, I’m just trying out the paint. Seriously, since I wasn’t gonna do a thing but check if the color matched the figure, I figured no harm done to put some thinner in a plastic yogurt cup (empty). I mean, of course there was the possibility of the thinner eventually eating through the plastic- but as I said, I was just testing the color, wouldn’t take me more than a minute… No harm done, right?

As it turns out I sort of got… carried away with the painting and the CD was halfway through when I noticed the god-awful stench of the thinner, and the thinner itself slowly oozing through this month’s National Geographic and over the whole desk.
In the end, despite the casualties topping the hundreds in dead African elephants and Australian sharks (actually I’m guessing they were Australian because I hadn’t read that bit yet) the Hourman figure was alright. I mean, not only Rick Tyler survived the chemical flood, but his now-fingerless gloves ended up looking pretty neat!