Looking for some guy named “V”

It’s kind of amazing, see?
Up until a few weeks ago the mere thought of the VLOOKUP MS-Excel function would leave me baffled, downright lost in the stars and perhaps wondering just who the f*ck was this guy “V” anyway. WEEKNUM, then, sounded like something from outer space, not to mention the rest of the gang.

I have since spent the past two or three weeks totally immersed in Excel spreadsheets and got this close to throwing the towel, you know? I mean, the whole thing was gargantuan in scope: My weekly reports have more than 100MBs of spreadsheets, over fifty files… and naturally, no one to instruct, teach or guide me through it all (apart from P****, or course, who was kind enough to throw me a lifesaving, sage-like advice or three via instant messaging).

VLOOKUP now stands for Veni, vidi, vici; given enough guinea pigs I’m pretty confident I’m smart enough to handle brain surgery on my own.