Long distance, pt. X

This one ends sort of before it actually does because come the next week Amazo’s all out of absorption cells and to be quite frank with you I sort of miss my apartment anyway and also watching Sinead O’Connor on DVD, I really do. Besides, the Pet Shop Boys are comin’ to town in March and I so gotta be there & not pass it up like I did with New Order last November because I was away due to work… and the Pet Shop Boys are one of my all-time favorite bands ever!!
Also, the ice-cream parlor just by the Subway next to the hotel here is not really helping with my losing weight anyway…

This is my last trip for the office for a time, meaning that after six months of playing Hop Harrigan I’m pretty much office-bound as of now and it, well, sucks big time.
But hell, I’ve lived. And who knows, it certainly beckons: Tomorrow beckons, the future beckons and there’s this whole, big, wonderful world out there and way too many soul-less Corporations looking for an eternally-single, soul-less guy like myself to just roam around and get in trouble on behalf of the Board.
I already did my own country and it’s high time to upgrade the operation.

I get on an airplane on a Wednesday morning, right there at the break of dawn. S**** the leitmotif-man is not there this time, though.
Endgame, really.