Long distance, pt. VI

I’m on the last leg of my journey, the place this time is distant S**** far to the mythical Northeast, just ten days shy from getting back home for good and staying there for a change, and the current spiritual revelation has to do with McDonald’s wanting me to believe the snowflake-white plastic bits buoying through the chocolate syrup and clogging the straw I’m drinking the milk-shake with, are actually coconut shavings. Jesus Christ. I pretend I don’t mind and drink it all up anyway.

The sun is setting down, see, and for the oddest of reasons I’ve found myself wandering through some bad part of town, only half-heartedly looking for the way back to the hotel. Like, finding the McDonald’s here was a feat most Herculean yet I pulled through. I get a little worried I’m not finding anywhere to buy a bottle of water for the night but the feeling elapses after a split-second or two.
This is the part in which, were this post a half-decent cliché, we’d cue in Green Day’s Good Riddance on the soundtrack: This isn’t, though, because there’s this little shabby bar just around the corner and I can see from the opposite side of the street there’s bottled water in the refrigerator with the Cokes and the Fantas; another quest bites the dust.

Despite of my being somewhat prone to lying I also happen to come by the truth on occasion. This is one of such moments:
One would think that by the time we’d all reached twenty-seven we’d have outgrown this “coming of age” shebang that, to be perfectly honest with you, adds up to zero anyhow, in any way, and gone on to live the rest of it as men.
I remember, however, Wendy sewing Peter Pan’s shadow on his feet but this from the Disney movie and not from the book- Yet every time I quote from that “Second star to the right and straight on 'til morning” bit I’m actually quoting from Captain Kirk in Star Trek VI.