On time management. Also whether Amilcare is a guy's name or not.

On time management. Also whether Amilcare is a guy's name or not.

Okay, this one begins with Amilcare Ponchielli’s The Dance of the Hours bit from his La Gioconda opera blasting at full-speed, I’m thinking throw in maybe some uptempo drum and bass arrangements to jazz up the rhythm… well anything short of Disney’s hippos in tutus.
Such is the substance of this moment.

This is me running like hell to survive the migration of the telephone number and e-mail structures for our offices (on which I dearly promise to write some decent stuff in the future), then there’s always the bit about the MS-Excel course which I was forced to give in due to shady possibilities regarding tomorrow (Mon-Fri 06:30-10:30pm, whew!), and I’m aslo pretty much flying solo now that P*** is rehearsing his Exeunt piece. And I still got TWO trips to take for the office still this month.
Oh. Yes. It goes without mentioning this Jane Austen book I’ve locked myself into and just can’t seem to break free. Three weeks and I still haven’t broken through the middle pages. Bo-o-oring…

The days are just packed, granted, to which I just assume my mother must be grateful: It is the only thing keeping me from getting that second tattoo I’ve been thinking about…

So, this is pretty much a no-post; just dropping a note, that’s all.
Topics for next posts include:
1. Superman’s girlfriends;
2. On Writing ’07, pt.II;
3. Advantages of a unified e-mail/telephone system for Customer Service.
4. The new tattoo, providing I do get it…

Will let you know.
I mean, someday, gee…

(and I still haven't said anything about whether Almicare's a guy's anme or what, from the title, but given time constraints I'll end this one with, Sounds like a girl to me!)