Currently Engineering a Jailbreak: One Year Later

I. The ledger
This one inevitably ends in Happy New Year but begins with me whistling Sinead O’Connor’s The Last Day of Our Acquaintance; it’s the last post of 2006. It’s also the one-year anniversary for this blog.
Regardless of your walking one two three thousand miles in any given direction it’s really in the moment you stop for a second and look back at this past year: Things might not have turned the way you really wished, for life often blows you somewhere else entirely and still… you’ve walked those three thousand miles anyway.
Time-travellin’ a day at a time…

If today were 29.Dec.2005 and you were to tell me of everything that would eventually come to pass in the ensuing year: Buying an apartment, getting a tattoo, going abroad for the office and spearheading this crazy project, meeting you for one last (?) time, coming to terms with this very specific matter regarding ***** and tackling the problem head-on with more maturity than I thought I could ever muster… And to be quite honest with you, also that The Flash would be cancelled then replaced with some crappy ersatz wannabe…
I would…

…some things just can’t be put into words, man.

II. The promise
It’s in knowing it gets tougher every year and also in knowing I get tougher every year; it’s in the cocky half-smile curling up the corner of my lips and telling life off, “You hit like some damn girl.”

So, 2007? Bring it on!