Christmas ‘06 (with Charlie Sheen)

…With none of that Dickensian crap, I promise you.
I mean, it’s not like I’ve ever been into that whole Christmas spirit thing anyway, peace on earth my ass.
But since we’re not spending Christmas with Holden Caulfield this particular post gotta be driven anywhere:

I did find The Wraith on DVD a few days ago, watched it last night. Do you remember this one? I mean you got Bugsy Malone right off the bat but this one is way stranger; it’s a 1986 movie starring Charlie Sheen, in which Sheen’s character is sort of this ghost whom drives a sleek sports car, come back from the dead to avenge his own murder by this gang of car thieves and vandals and stuff like that. You know how it goes, it’s from the same vintage that brought us gems like The Last Starfighter and etc. Reaganism still has a lot to answer for, even after all these years.
I did find it for ten bucks, though, and after returning from Rio I found ten bucks tucked behind the trash at my place.

…So here’s to ya too, man, a wonderfully karmic Christmas under the fourth Yuga: May that you & yours are spiritually satisfied for not nudging up nor down no 10-buck figure on any of your ledgers.