The curve of the moon is swept inwards by the clouds tonight and looks like a bat’s wing high up in the sky

Back to my place under the scorching heat of a Sunday morning sky just past the point where the avenue starts sloping up towards the heart of the city and someone’s sprayed a Batman figure on a derelict wall by the sidewalk thus now stands a lifesized Batman shot in full body sans either shirt or cape as he’s embracing Talia the daughter of his nemesis Ra’s al Ghul in what was originally some desert setting or another downright holding her in his powerful arms and kissing her on the lips straight off a 1972 comic book penciled by legendary artist Neal Adams and the graffiti’s even gotten the colors right despite the scattered trashcans sprayed by Batman’s legs framing him & the missus away from Will Eisner’s The Spirit who’s standing by their side running at the reader in a classic pose from some specific postwar period I really can’t place because to be completely honest with you and this is the tricky bit that always kills my audience I’ve never really been into Eisner’s stuff but back to my place anyway and my phone will ring pretty soon which will mean I’m definitely not escaping going to the movies this afternoon and buddy it’s bound to be a silly movie with a singing penguin at that and it means my plans for a late lunch after a cold beer and nachos have been pretty much shot down to earth though before this one bit is really over I should tell you I’ve recently switched brands to Heineken by the way, just because.

It takes me two or three hours to get to sleep.
Echo and the Bunnymen are playing “The Killing Moon” in the back of my head; I randomly singled out that very Batman episode on DVD which adapts the ’72 comic book to watch before going to bed and it’s sort of bothering me.

Somebody’s life happens along these lines tonight, though probably not mine:
Fate... Up against your will... Through the thick and thin... He will wait until... You give yourself to him…