Coming of age, Pt.II

It’s early 1998 and I’ve just turned eighteen years old.

We’re both just fresh out of High School and I’m coming with this idea how to get into this specific girl’s pants and this time it just gotta work. I’m sitting on the carpet in my bedroom at my parents’, it’s about three in the afternoon- a Friday- and I have the air-conditioner working at full speed. I’ve got the girl on the phone with me and she’s sort of saying No, she doesn’t really feel like coming over tonight to see this movie I rented on video, thank you, but I’m pretty sure she’ll end up giving in, I mean eventually anyway.
There are old, assorted Lego building blocks scattered all around me for no good reason whatsoever and as I’m insisting with her I make a mental note to disappear with all of these silly toys.
Plan B is getting my father’s car and taking her to that fancy new Italian restaurant by the edge of the city though it’s probably going to be harder to drive her anywhere else afterwards save for the ride back to her mother’s.

Unbeknownst to myself at the time I’m still a couple of years from unfastening her bra on the couch at her father’s after we’ve put her little brother to sleep and F**** keeps calling me on my cell phone and I keep telling her I’m on a barbecue at K****’s; but this girl, see, she’s so hotter than F****, she’s one of the hottest girls I’ve been with (present company excluded, of course) but still it’s going to be well worth the wait.

It’s the last week of vacations and we’re both due back in school since neither of us actually managed to get into College straight away.
My first breakdown happens in between those years, some time around 1999.