A few last words, if any

I wake up on Sunday morning from this recurring nightmare I’ve been having for the past three years (which has to do with my not graduating from College, something like that) and my neck- which is a little stiff- goes absolutely taut once I start doing some push-ups.
I’m thinking of the Akira Kurosawa movie I tried to watch on the previous night but I was too sober for that and the actress, this old hag, was just way too ugly and I really can’t stand ugly people in the movies. Richard Gere was supposed to be in that movie too but I just couldn’t stick around until he showed up. Guy looks like a horse anyway.

I have come to call my place The Trimurti after the “holy trinity” of Hinduism because of the three-year plan it took me get it: It was Brahma the creator for the first year when I thought heck I can do this, Vishnu the preserver for the second year when things got rough and I had to keep it going anyway, and Shiva the destroyer-slash-transformer for the last year, this year, in which I just let it rip.
I’m telling you all this for no specific reason whatsoever other than hey I’m bummed, baby:

Oddly enough it’s still October, for chrissakes, it’s still two days into (or out of) October and it means I’ve got two whole months to spare.
Can you picture the restlessness raging in me?

There’s gotta be places to go and people to see, stuff I haven’t thought of, and this is why I’ve come up with the not-so-bright idea of re-visiting old acquaintances, old haunts, the been-there’s-slash-done-that’s.

I think it’s high time for the world to remember.