Balance sheet

I’m thinking of some guy from the Bible and I think it’s Moses. He was the guy whom, right before dying, saw the Promised Land all spread out before him, from Mount Nebo to Mount Hermon, and died then & there.
It seems the guy never got to roll his double sixes. Memento mori.
What do you know.

I’m lying on my back on the carpet in the living room and it’s late at night and the skin on the inside of my right calf is sore and wrapped in pvc film. I have a tattoo on my leg (just fresh off the parlor). For the oddest of reasons I got brand-new Transformers toys scattered around an empty bottle of Stoli and on TV the James Spader character in Boston Legal is crouched under a desk kissing a drop-dead gorgeous brunette’s unmentionables.
I so wanna go down on a girl right now I can almost taste her stuff on my tongue. Jesus Christ.
Some things, man, go on forever.

All bank-related stuff regarding the apartment came through that morning so it means it’s actually mine now and even though I’m thinking “This is so cool” I’m a little lost as well because everything I did for the past three years I did with buying an apartment in mind. Because of that I’m feeling a little empty on the inside.
Whatever happens to you when your dreams come true?
Where do I go from here?

I’m thinking of A-Team reruns back from my childhood, still frozen in wonder that life ended up just the way I wanted to, and I’m recalling a line that Hannibal would always say at the end of an episode, it just killed me as a kid.
“I just love when a plan comes together,” he said.

So here’s to the next plan, then:
Here’s to the car.
Here’s to the home-theater.
Here’s to going down on girls & kissing their unmentionables.
Here’s to the next tattoo.
Here’s to being cool.
Here’s to seeing instead of being seen.
Here’s to living instead of surviving.
Here’s to saving the world.
Here’s to denting the memetics of the mundane, making the impossible look easy & making all our Kali Yuga dreams come true.

“Jailbreak” is thus accomplished.
I just love when a plan comes together.