I’m going South to this agency of ours for a week, for the implementation of this thing, and it’s a good thing because I’m pretty much beat right here, right now. The mundane seems to work like my very own kryptonite, sapping my strength, ebbing away with my motivation.
You can’t change the world while there’re still people in it; people who think small, dream small, and cannot fly.
Ground-level office-politics and small-time backstabbing suck big time. It’s so petty. It’s so ordinary. All it takes is for somebody smarter than the rest of them to get into the game as well, just like that, and it’s over- So why even bother?

...and the same boring talks about sports and crappy remarks about politics and TV shows and the same half-ass*d jokes and the same lewd comments on the cute brunette walking nearby and...

I’m thinking of those and I’m thinking of you for no reason whatsoever. No, scratch that. You can fly- so why can’t everyone else?
Any issues I might have at the office are slowly mixing and intertwining with the other issues I have in my personal life and looking at them now, early morning, no phone ringing, a veritable sea of tranquility despite the cleaning-lady with the vacuum cleaner, they seem to be pretty much related to my not accepting that we have to level things down to regular people instead of…

Today’s tagline is,
I’m waiting for Prometheus but he never comes; should I try eBay instead?