And Gloria Steinem is Christian Bale’s stepmother, really…

Have you ever listened to that song All I wanna do is make love to you, by Heart?
It’s a late-1980s song all about girl empowerment in which this chick- the protagonist- is driving around in her car one given rainy evening and she stops to give a ride to this hitch-hiker whom she ends up sleeping with in a hotel room, then leaves him to wake up alone in morning (there’s also a bit about the girl using the guy to become pregnant, etc, but that’s kind of a moot point right now).

Anyway my point is, and I’m utterly annoyed by the thought every time I hear that music, who the hell paid for that hotel room?
I mean, not once during the whole song it’s ever mentioned whether the guy found out the room expenses all paid up once he woke up and left, or he had to pay it up himself. As if giving the tr*mp a child wasn’t enough.

Also, the story doesn’t even make sense if you really think about it, it’s like girl empowerment for retards:
It’s all over the evening news, buddy, chicks buying like frozen semen from an unknown but certified, selected donor at some fertilization lab, not giving rides (both senses!) to the first bum they meet on the streets at night, no condom, nothing, it’s the f*cking ‘90s you damn b*tch. People get Aids pulling dumb stunts like that.

…And that’s why I think Women’s Suffrage was such a lousy idea in the first place…