Parallel lives meet at infinity

I went to this Museum the other day and it was mostly modern art which is basically meaningless blotches of color and bas-relief and weird sculptures and despite the fact that I was mildly half-drunk at the time if such a thing exists, the only piece of work that actually caught my attention was this picture by this… I dunno, some Swiss guy whose name I did write down for further reference but I think I might’ve lost the little piece of paper on my way home…
Anyway. It was this ad written all in German with several colored stripes running in parallel against a black background, and the colors followed both ends of the spectrum sans the greens, yellows or blues. It was so cool, you know, all those violets and reds running in parallel against the black.
It got me thinking of something you told me once, long ago. I mean, those parallel lines.
Those straight parallel lines.

We were at this pizza place, dunno if you remember, and it was one of those places with crayon over the table so one could actually doodle and draw stuff while waiting for the food. I’d come up with the usual lightning bolt-themed, garden variety superhero stuff: The Flash and Captain Marvel, maybe Black Adam too, that kind of crap. You stood there, took a sip from your Coke, smiled and went on to psychoanalize me:
You said I was attracted to jagged, traced figures like post-Deco streamlined funnybook lightnings because of my inconstant nature, that you could me read me like a book for days until wham!, I’d break free from whatever it was I’d been doing, veering off in a totally different direction, etc.
I mean Jesus Christ, you called me Mr. Freeze a few weeks later and things were pretty much DOA after that.

There’s this really lousy… ahh Superman story from 1988 that was supposed to re-introduce Supergirl to a newer audience, etc, and the story’s called “Parallel lives meet at infinity”, and I just love that title.

I’ve been thinking about my life lately, see, the way I have been doing things and thinking about doing things, and maybe I’m also thinking that hey, it’s not too late to change my lifestyle, maybe it’s not too late to find me some nice decent girl, settle down, have a baby, stuff like that. I still enjoy going to the park on weekends to watch young parents taking their toddlers to the playground.
But then I think of all the rest and romance bites the dust.

Sometimes it just feels like I’ve been walking a hundred, a thousand miles in any given direction and then all of a sudden I…

…reach an ellipsis?