Thank god it’s…

It’s a little hard getting onto that bus near seven a.m. every morning to work and not thinking of the Divine Comedy as we move southwards and down the slope and through its many turns and breaks like an endless cycle of different levels of Hell, far from god’s light and wisdom (means, downtown), plunging deep into the cold darkness of etc etc etc.

Weather forecast for Sat-Sun tells me its getting cooler and can’t have that because every time I take my shirt off it’s like I’m Casper the f*cking friendly ghost. There’s this big public park near my place and I could definitely use it to see the sun for a while, especially now that I have been getting out-of-out of shape for the past couple of weeks.
I’m thinking of what the kid from P*** A**** would tell me last week, he’d say “Even if you die, man” to which I’d reply, “Bring it on.” It’ll probably bite my bank account a little too hard but what the hell: If there’s one thing I need is one decent weekend in the big city.

Skipped the beer last night in lieu of some orange juice. Also skipped the supermarket. Hence, no wine, no vodka, no spirits of any kind- all senses meant with that one. Not only that but I downright breezed through the bookstore during lunch on the day before. Went in then managed to pull out carrying nothing.
Oh it’s going to hurt in my bank account, alright, but what the hell. Live and let live and let live. Some people live to be seen but I don’t really care that much about the spotlight, at least not anymore. Best thing about being an adult is that you come to understand how much cooler it is to see, instead.

And I’m vindicating the bookstore tonight after work and that’s for sure. Then it’s straight to the supermarket for some ammo, then home and a shower and then…
God I just realized I’m a little low on good clothing. It’s not that’s it’s really below me to spend a Friday night at the Shopping Center but I’m pretty sure I could find better places to go. Regardless of where I go Friday night should be about where to eat.
Actually where to eat is the mantra for this weekend.
It’s waking up early-ish on Saturday, cleaning the apartment (which I really enjoy, go figure) then buying some stuff it’s sorely needing- then out for a walk in the sun if there’s any sun. If there’s not I’ll just stay home and read something.
Lunch on Saturday should happen late but not too much and at a cool place, probably at that fancy place a couple of blocks down the street with one of the best Middle-Eastern fares in town. Dinner on Saturday should happen in Heaven or somewhere as close. If Heaven’s not available I’ll just have to find a pretty good, solid, respectable restaurant myself. But then, I’m counting six or seven places within walking distance from home where I can have some of the best burgers in the city and only one of them is a gay bar (which is, huh, good). Of course there’s the gray zone between lunch and dinner and god only knows where it’s gonna take me. Somewhere really expensive, I’m afraid… even though it’s a little too vague right now. Saturday afternoon will most certainly require more thought.
Now, choosing a cool place to have dinner on Saturday is a little tricky because I’m not a millionaire nor anything so it would pretty much limit my options for the rest of the night and I want to go somewhere I can get really loaded and meet interesting people for a change, supposing there’s still interesting people out there in the world. And all that.
I mean, as long I don’t have to get a taxi back home.

Sunday morning is left apart for doing nothing, maybe reading and not getting out of the apartment before noon regardless of the time I wake up (I seldom oversleep).
I’ll have breakfast out, I think at that funky veggie place with the rice-and-cocoa milk which tastes a little like soap but it’s interesting enough for a visit anyway.
Lunch on Sunday should happen maybe near three or four in the afternoon, I’m thinking pasta for some reason even though I’m not the biggest fan of Italian food in the world. For some odd reason, probably memetic or something, I’ve learned to associate pasta with Sunday lunches like the rest of mankind.

Whatever remains of the Sunday after that, twilight et. al., I’m thinking probably a movie (supposing there’s any dough left!) because I haven’t been to the movies ever since that last Adam Sandler thing with the universal remote control which was actually not bad but what do you know, and I really could use a movie to take my mind off things like work, work, work, right now.
Then I’ll probably eat something at home watching Boston Legal on DVD (James Spader rocks), maybe even the odd Superfriends episode with the Legion of Doom in it (Solomon Grundy rocks even more), then read something, take a shower, go to sleep, hopefully never to wake up.
The perfect weekend.

Oh yes. I forgot.
If all else fails there’s always getting that tattoo…