Hell freezes over

…because I woke up with a distinct thought in my head and it’s that I should buy a vide-g*me. Like, a Playstati*n or something.

I woke up from this really odd dream about Halle Berry starring in some children’s movie- a Disney movie- in which she was sort of granted powers to control gravity by this cool-looking, green alien dwarf dude and so that she could now jump really high… then she enlists in the Army to help the war effort in… I dunno, Kuwait or Afghanistan or something. Once the movie was released, though, it was a total flop because the public opinion was all against it for promoting war, that kind of thing.
Then I thought of buying a Playstati*n for no good reason whatsoever.

Of course right upon waking up I nearly ripped the triceps in my left arm with some free-weights because I was listening to maybe Born to Run (30th anniversary edition on DVD) and got carried away. Took a hot shower just so that I could bring it back to life, then on to breakfast and finding that the orange juice supply I keep in the refrigerator has dwindled over the weekend, once I found out how good it tastes mixed with a little carbonated water and a lot of Stolichnaya.

Nothing changes the fact, however, that I have been thinking of buying a video-g*me for me in maybe the first time in ten years, also perhaps a dog as well, a Beagle, and yet on a totally unrelated sidenote (related to the dream anyway) I’m kinda wondering whatever happened to Kuwait, to the country, whether it still exists or not because I sure as hell don’t see it on TV anymore.