In my shorts and a T-shirt, at the office, on a holiday

Two states, three cities in two weeks then back home on a Saturday and I’m feeling like a rockstar, only sans sunglasses (which I lost in ’98 and have been half-heartedly saying I oughtta buy a new pair ever since).

Also, today’s a local holiday here in São Paulo but we’re kicking off the project at P**** and C**** so what do you know, just you guess where I an right now, in my shorts and a T-shirt, after having breakfast at my place (at last!) and watching Zan and Jayna help out Superman finish off an evil space circus on Superfriends on TV.

I have been thinking about getting a second tattoo but Jesus Christ, my mother would probably throttle me if I did.
I mean, when I do.

Today’s tagline is,
Whoever thought of the Mastercard slogan sure as hell chose the wrong Yuga to use it.