Coming of age, Pt.IV

I woke up the other day with this specific Miami Vice episode in my mind. I think it’s from its last season, was it in 1988 or 1989 by the way? I think it was 1989 but anyway.

So the sequence starts out very silently with the camera panning out to some not really hectic, classic Miami Beach setting under daylight and the Don Johnson character is walking down the street and he’s lost his memory, see, but he’s slowly remembering who he is and he’s been thinking he’s a hitman for the mob ever since last season but it’s not so cliché as it seems; it’s Miami Vice after all and Miami Vice was a very classy TV show.
So, he enters the Police precinct very matter-of-factly and- it’s all very silent until this point- and his former friends, the cops, are just thunderstruck to see the wanted bad guy, the traitor, just popping in their midst like that. They all raise their guns and stuff, and you just feel like the Don Johnson character has just come home, he’s finally remembered who he is.

Anyway, the truly wonderful bit in that sequence is that it’s completely dialogue-less save for Peter Gabriel’s Don’t Give Up playing in the background and the whole thing is just chillingly amazing, artistic in a late-1980s, MTV-generation sort-of way.

Those people manning the dictionaries, well they should just come up with a word meaning, ”To feel like a last-season, Armani-wearing Sonny Crockett walking down that Miami Beach street back in ’89 under the early morning sun, heading home at long last.”