Contacting Cambodia amidst an airstrike: Freud phones in and Jesus tries to send an e-mail

True story; this one happens like halfway through the game and straight into the last days of the year:

Turns out the unified national telephone number we’d come up with for our customer service just might not work because of this tiny port town, down south, in which the phone provider is sort of unable to make the number available due to a painful number of also painful reasons and whatnots, etc.
Oddly enough, my mother was born in that very town…

Also… that bit regarding the unified national e-mail system?
Probably not as easy as it seemed at first; yet another perk from coordinating a company-wide project that clashes with the other hundred company-wide projects running in parallel.

All I’m missing right now is crying “arclight” and ducking for cover from the B-52s swarming overhead, pouring Nap*lm down over me.
Know who’s to blame? Jesus Christ. He is the one to blame; all that a day after his birthday? Coincidence?! He allegedly died to save me but not to configure my telephone system, apparently…