G**** reads from the script

G**** reads from the script and she’s sort of waiting to cue herself in as I step onto the office chair I’ve pulled to my bedroom and am using it to crawl up the wardrobe to pick up some CDs.
There have been actress with more talent, more flare, maybe even more panache than G**** see, and surprisingly enough it isn’t about beauty either (even though G**** has always ranked way up high in that department). She, though, manages her timing like no other living being on Earth.

I go for an old Spin Doctors CD, A Pocket Full of Kryptonite, and all the memories it brings from High School and that crazy year immediately afterwards. The first song is Jimmy Olsen’s Blues and tells of Jimmy Olsen’s infatuation with Lois Lane and his jealousy of Superman, that he can’t even compete with the Man of Steel, etc, just I was never really a match for the guy who taught us History back in ’97 or ’98, and G****.
It makes me smile.

G****, meanwhile, is back at her place studying the screenplay and my picking up that CD is her cue- it reads, “ENTER: G****” in those size-12 Courier font, Letter-sized sheets that are the standard both for Hollywood and the Norns- So she goes for the phone, conjures up a number from her phone book, and asks if I’m up for some Japanese food on Saturday night; wants to introduce me her fiancé before the wedding next September.