Looking for some guy named “V”, CONT’D: Shoving my temper down my own throat

Okay, would I like fries with that or what?
Here's what came to pass a mere couple of hours after I posted my boasting below:

Last week I was working on one of P****'s old spreadsheets and found a field which seemed superfluous, with a rather complicated formula which I really didn't want to waste any time understanding. So I came to the following conclusion:
"P**** is such a wuss! Look at this bit willya! He's such a showoff he can't come up with a simple formula for the life of his! I'll show him how a MAN works this out!"

Working on this week's reports, I found some odd figures which prompted my attention; "Something smells," I thought intuitively, then found out the key to the problem: The seemingly superfluous field I changed from P****'s old files.

This is why I hate not be the world's smartest person: I'm pretty smart and I usually underestimate people, I'll grant you that, but I'm not the world's smartest person regardless of what I think. P**** for one thing is actually a lot smarter than I am plus he doesn't suffer from the same temper-from-hell as I do (also known as adult attention deficit disorderin some parts of the Earth I suppose).