There goes the neighborhood

So the US President is comin’ to town and he’s staying at this hotel only a couple of blocks from the office here: The neighborhood is a veritable mess- policemen everywhere, some streets have been closed down, hamburger trailers are being towed away, stuff like that.

I remember when Reagan came to Brasil more than twenty years ago and I’m not really sure why, he landed in this city near my hometown and my parents took me there to see the airplanes- I was fascinated by aircraft when I was a small kid and I think I still carry some of that jazz to this day- and I was totally psyched seeing not only Air Force One but those C-130 Hercules man, they were downright amazing…

I wonder, though, how many parents will take their toddlers to see Bush’s planes today… which speaks books about the lack of a certain wall and its impact on international politics.
Punchline is, the James Bond movies aren’t what they used to be anymore.