Boy wonder, interrupted

I should be on vacations since Monday but I’m not; I totally forgot about it.
Oh this isn’t one of those cases where I’m officially on vacations on a given date but actually go out later: This is the “later” bit already. This bites.

G**** is getting married, you’re getting married yourself and Jesus Christ, F**** is getting married as well whereas me, buddy, I’m just running on empty and if I’m to be very honest with you I don’t want to go on vacations and it’s not even because of money problems this time around but because I don’t have anywhere to go or no one else to go with.

Living life like this is kind of cool in a unique sort of way, like, it’s heaven nine out of ten times because I get to do all these really odd stuff and say tons of crazy things and behave like a f*cking lunatic time and again without a care in the world, but every once in a while gravity checks in and weighs me down like an anchor of the mundane and I get to glimpse at the mess I’ve been making out of life in general and I so want to pull back, to bail out, at least pause the movie but we’re all in this freaking big theatre you know, and there’s the choir singing some cliché crap like “life is not a dress rehearsal” and I’m telling them, Come guys knock it off, but they keep on going like the Energizer bunny. I keep on going too but I’ve been running on empty for the last five years or so and by now I’m just beat, burnt out, downright spent.
Trick is to breeze through the good days so as to pack enough momentum to coast yourself around the bad ones only god, F**** is getting married and I suddenly feel like I’ve gotta coast around the whole Atlantic seaboard just after I’m done with the Pacific…

There’s just gotta be a good Batman joke somewhere within all this, see? Because it’s the secret meaning of the universe: A good Batman joke tucked in every corner, hidden behind every angle… if you can just find it… and pluck it… Whoa.
F**** never really got the good Batman jokes, though. But then, no one ever does…