To-do list for today

- Review CTI re-routing for all incoming calls as per yesterday’s meeting with tech people.

- Convince Management we really should do a little re-working (tuning! Call it tuning!) on the lunchtime telephone menu recording regarding re-routing order as per item above.

- E-mail K**** to congratulate about his birthday which was like two months ago and D**** told me about a month ago. Also something about his getting engaged to R**** but I’m not really sure.

- Very important! Get the Week 12 Report done (done, period!) so that bossman may forward it to Herr Füh… to the President on Wednesday.

- Raise the bar on that 10-buck bet with the kid from Imports. I think I can manage some $15 on that one; else I could have it worked out so as I would actually lose the bet if the kid would push group results up in time for next week’s report. Hey I like this one already! Dibs on the evil genius plot!

- Check about (lack of) Oracle e-mail alerts for all Southern agencies, especially I**** and S****.

-Dude!!! It’s still like, a thousand weeks later and you still have zilch to show about the process analysis improvements: File this one under “Gotta buy myself some extra time”.

- Find some time to ask P**** (from the P*** agency) about that stock market thing he told me last Friday.

- Probably apologize to the sweet, sweet girl at front desk for my incessant half-seriously hitting on her. She’s too nice a kid for that and I’m zero, man.

- Doctor appointment at 2pm to see about knees (remember to use the “Gee doc, it just seems I’m killing myself in installments these days” line to break the ice).

- Meeting with the girls from sales after 6pm to… to… well, to something I suppose. Must ask Management if this about the Week 11 report. Downright Jurassic…

- Stop by the bookstore on my way home to pick up that Batman paperback reprinting team-up stories from the ‘60s. If my knees don’t hurt much.

- Also buy some orange juice. Maybe some p*rn too? I haven’t bought p*rn in ages but the orange juice is more important because we’re all out of orange juice for breakfast, buddy.

- Work on that Centurion outfit redesign for the current script: Ditch all superhero-y aspects and keep the shirt with the long sleeves instead. Go for the casual look. Keywords are, black denim.