Excerpt from a comic book (Why I love comics so much!)

“You know, there was this time after we met, when I found a way to bring Alanna back with me, to Earth, from Rann.
I thought we could live together, and see one another more often, instead of me having to travel four light yearsvia Zeta Beam. But on Earth, I… I was just a man, just an archaeologist with an adventurous streak.

Sure, next to the weak, infertile guys on Rann, I was a monster-hunter, a godlike physical specimen… Back on Earth, I was just like everyone else. We were just a man and a woman living in an apartment on avenue B. I got scared she’d leave me for a real hero…

I blamed alien intervention and sent her back to Rann, and we saw each other once a month for a long time after that. In my head, I was only a hero among weaklings. As a result I’ve become what you might call an over-achiever.

We’re falling towards a sun in a disintegrating vessel with zero power, except what’s feeding life support.
I can get us out of that…

spoken by the thinking man’s hero, Adam Strange,
in 52 #41 (14.Feb.2007)
Script by G. Johns, G. Rucka, M. Waid and G. Morrison.