In the beginning… pt.II

By the end of that year, there around late October or early November 1999 the poor, doomed promise of ever finding that last, lost double-screen X-Men vid*o-game fell through and was ultimately discarded altogether.

I eventually flunked that semester almost entirely in College and never told my parents about it. I also quit my internship doing second-rate web-sites at some other College across town and once vacations hit I was pretty much penniless because I had squandered away my last money on a Paul Simon video and a copy of The Catcher in the Rye.

I lasted a week and a half on the bread & cheese I could get at half-price at some nearby supermarket and some leftover milk from one of my roommates, and returned to my parents’ for Christmas, then spent New Year’s Eve with G**** and a few friends of hers at this fancy loft G****’s father owned at some snappy beach.
That’s where I bought the travel toothbrush.

Bottom line is…
Bottom line is, I had everywhere to go to and I felt like I could be in a thousand places at the same time and it would never be close to enough back in those days.