In the beginning… pt.III

I clearly remember waking up on one of those mornings in the days after I’d hooked up with F****, back in early 2000, with a very specific verse in my mind and it was a line I’d never read or heard before and yet was singed in my brain as if by a laser: Campbell’s heroes stand sitting in the dark silently sipping their Campbell soup, Warhol stew to go Boom! just like a supernova in not even a thousand seconds’ worth of media exposure, it said and I can still recall it to this day with pinpoint accuracy.
So I pretty much got up from bed, brushed my teeth- and oddly enough, went to College.

That morning back in 2000 at school I wrote that verse into a poem; I actually got to write down two poems (the second one being about this girl I knew when I was 16) and about a dozen Haikus on my notebook and the pages were also more often than not decorated with random sketchings of comicbook superheroes (The Flash, Dr. Fate, Black Adam) and the occasional funny doodle about the professor dying in an acid vat or hit by machine g*n fire.

Whenever I attended classes I sat in the back and you, you sat equidistant to me and the door like the secret La Grange queen of the Grail buried in ennui in the dead center of the world:

We knew everything back in those days.
We knew nothing at all.