Why I hate airplanes

I hate airplanes because they take people away from people for way too long at times and there’s nothing else to do but to sulk through the night over a bedspread gone cold, on a world gone cold, in a life gone cold and lonely and just plain wrong.

If I were Superman I could fly around the Earth at lightspeed and change its rotation in a way that really wouldn’t make much sense, but would make time go back to what it once was, so I could make things right again.

The fabric of the Universe- life itself- is knit with strands of Kryptonite, though.

Life is not perfect, we are not free, and I have left myself alone in the dark by making the wrong choice way too many years ago- And that’s why I will never make a mistake again, and that’s why I have to know everything all at once and rule the world, and that’s also why I’m currently hating airplanes right now.

On the bright side, though, Hollywood is probably calling for the movie rights soon enough, because that’s one heck of a story we got going between us, baby!
If I could write something coherent for more than two pages, well, damn if that Pulitzer weren’t mine already…

Damn proud to know ya, damn proud to have this weird (albeit very special) thing going with ya.