A very unusual, but real, conversation last night

I swear to God the following conversation took place last night, under specific circumstances that should remain obscure for the time being:

GIRL: May I ask you what you’re doing with all this ahh… Kryptonite?

ME: Yes.

GIRL: I mean, it’s not like you’re seeking protection from…? You know. Is it?

ME: Would you believe me if I told you it’s all part of my master plan?

GIRL, smiling: You do look like Lex Luthor.

ME, smiling back: Figures. I mean. How cool is that…

GIRL: It is pretty cool indeed. You must be a pretty cool guy yourself.

ME: It’s ahh… thank you. Actually, it is quite fun being me.

GIRL: So it seems.

ME: Hey, everybody should have a shot at it.

She then asked me if I was into advertising, I said no. Maybe the press? Printed media or something? Nope. TV?! Wrong again.
I said maritime transportation, you know, mostly containers and stuff and she said, Whoa- I always get that same Whoa when they discover it’s not advertising because (I figure) there’s this common misconception going on in the world that says only those guys can pack a handful of Kryptonite on a Wednesday evening.

Everybody wants to rule the world, it’s a given, but some of us are actually trying to make a few new friends as we go.