For tomorrow

You’re not the kind of guy to go for that time capsule crap. You don’t bury things in the backyard. That’s why you would make for a lousy pirate. S*d*my, too. But I need you to stand your ground right now, and pay attention.

Draw a line in the sand with your foot and stand on the right side of that line; you know what you’re doing, they don’t have a clue.

I have heard you complaining time and again it seems that everybody’s come to the world with a roadmap but you, and it’s partially true. You’re a little lost as usual but there’s this other bit nobody’s told you about, though, that says a guy like you will never need a roadmap:

I want you to fly, kid. I want you to skim the outer reaches of the exosphere where the air thins out into infinity, then reach even higher, soaring past the heliopause, reaching for the stars- and when you look back down at the Earth you’re gonna see what your dreams are made of, and how you measure them up.
Google Earth should be the measure of your dreams and I need you never to forget it, kid.

We are building something big here, see, this is just the scaffolding. The escalators and the big glass wall, and the mirrors up on the wall, all of that are still to come. There’s so much still to come and I want you to have the best seat in the house when it does.

I need you to run faster, I need you to have the stamina of a long-distance runner, I need you to smash through that wall and keep on running because of what lies ahead.

You know in your heart what lies ahead and that’s why you freak out when you can’t see your roadmap into life. I want you to believe that the very metrics of being you push the boundaries of off-scale-ness.
Remember that funny way of smiling you came up in early ’04 because it made your girlfriend laugh every time you did it? The one with the chin up and a stiff upper lip? The one you half-took from a The Flash comic book? The one that has right stuff written all over it? That other girl M.C. liked it as well- Well I want to see more of that because that’s when I know you’ve gotten to the peak of your self-confidence and you gotta be more self-confident than God; he had a six day-plan when he came up with the Earth- yours is a little longer in the making but hey, you’re gonna make it alright.
We made a deal, you and I, a long time ago. You signed up for the duration and I promised than whenever things got too dark or too cold you would be allowed to shudder, but never to falter. You said, damn right, and you said it so well that it was right then I started believing in you.

When the time comes, many years from now, I’ll look at you and whisper in your ear; “I’ve been waiting for this moment just to hear you say…”- and then you’ll say it.

Because you know why you’re doing all of this right now, kid.