Every damn week, every damn day I’m on the phone with these three Mexic… no, people from Chile, pretty much the same thing…, my new bosses, for an hour and a half- going over a few processes from this project thing, etc, which makes me thank myself, every time, when, in my younger years, I actually had the bright idea that No, of course I’m not taking any other language lessons other than English, what are the odds of getting to work for a Spanish-speaking company…
Now, what the odds of getting to work for a Spanish-speaking company during the goddamn World Cup?!

Jesus Christ.
Spanish and Soccer together at the same time. The two things I’m most clueless about in the whole wide world.

But fret naught.
Given the latest World Cup match yesterday, I have decided to prepare myself:

Did you see the game?
¿viste el juego?

What did you think of the game?
¿qué pensaste de el juego?

The players from Ghana played really well, they were very fast, but the players from Brasil are the best
los jugadores de Ghana jugaron realmente bien, ellos eran muy rápidos, ellos de Brasil aun son los mejores.

They said Ronaldo was fat, but he keeps on being a very good player.
Dijeron que Ronaldo era gordo, pero él sigue siendo un jugador muy bueno.

So bring it on, Zorro!!! Estoy listo!!!

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