Yesterday we kicked this project thing in high gear at the office (and I’m getting to mingle with all the corporate glitterati), then I realized I’d lost a rather embarrassing sum of money by fooling around with the stock market afterwards.
I took this friend of mine to dinner for an overdue vaguely office-related, but more of a career-oriented pep talk (we went to Subway and I had this one with bacon, and lots of olive oil and pepper too), but before I left the mall I made sure to stop by the toy store and buy a new Superman Returns action figure which is kind of crappy but comes with this cool, tiny kryptonite bomb which has a digital clock mockup eternally showing 00:03, which is very edgy- lots of suspense for such a small amount of plastic- I think it’s called X-Ray Alert Superman or something.
When I came home I found a neoprene bodysuit on the floor, probably my roomate’s, and I tried it on alongside a black woolen gown covering my whole head except for the eyes, ninja-like, and proceeded to bug the tar out of the guy sleeping at the other bedroom, because I thought he’d lied to us about the allegedly excellent grades he’d gotten in College, and I said I was a super-hero and also God’s agent of vengeance on Earth. He just said, Man, knock it off, leave me alone, I wanna sleep in peace.

I was barefoot but it was strictly circumstantial.

If I were a (real) super-hero, though, I would probably wear sneakers instead of go-go boots, but it would probably clash with the spandex.