Dilbert meets Lex Luthor

Yesterday afternoon in the conference room at the office:

Boss: Wait a minute. What is that green thing on your computer screen? “Lexoil”? What’s a Lexoil?
Me: Oh. That. No. I mean, yes.
Boss: Why did you change your Windows wallpaper? And what is Lexoil anyway? “Our profit is your power”? Is that what it says?
Me: Lexoil is a subsidiary of Lexcorp, which is Lex Luthor’s company in the Superman comic books. I downloaded it from DC Comics’ website at www.dccomics.com in the spirit of the new movie,also because it’s really cool to pretend I’m actually working for Lex Luthor because he’s the world’s no. 1 super-villain, that kind of stuff.
Boss: …What did you say?
Me: Oh. This is… nothing really. I was just fooling around with the new computer… testing the color palette for green… wavelength spectrum… hi-res light-wave frequency band… you know… pixel definition...
Boss:, smiling: That’s some computer we got you, eh?

(Sometimes I think I can get away with murder in here…)