Where have you gone, Kenny Loggins, a nation turns its lonely eyes to you…

I think I just bought a Footloose DVD online, which is just another piece for this 1980s museum I´m probably- and quite subconsciously- attempting to build at home.
I mean, a few Transformers toys scattered around and a Top Gun movie that´s been watched a zillion times over, then tons of Bruce Springsteen albums, an ungodly amount of The Flash comics circa the Crisis (pre and post), and now Footloose. Next in line, which I´ve just remembered, is Streets of Fire.

I have come to this very odd conclusion about myself. I think I´m selectively eidetic. Isn´t that a weird thing to say?
-It´s either that, or that I´m mildly autistic. I´ll favor the former; chicks don´t dig crazy people.

Damn early morning Internet shopping...