In Chile, day five, 25.May.2006

There was this big sale today and the price was thirty glistening pieces of silver. It´s a good thing I was born flawed & thus lacking certain moral liabilities good people have.

I still cannot believe I was actually present in this brainstorming session- yes they called it just that- in which god said unto man something like “If you have the technology you can pretty much do anything” and thus was the promise of a leaner, sleeker, more functional and downright better 21st century brought upon Paradise.

This is why I´m hopeful for the future, because of free, private enterprises, because of the big corporations, because of the international conglomerates, because there are two constants in life- one is the speed of light which may or may not be reviewed by Physics geeks in the future and also depends on the medium in which light is passing through, and the relative observer, all that crap, and the second is human greed which is, simply put, limitless- I´m hopeful for the future kind of because of Allen Ginsberg the Beatnik poet from the 1950s. Ever read “Howl” which kind of goes like, “I´ve seen the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness…” et. al. ? So, me, I´ve seen the best minds of my generation being drafted under the Dollar-green flag of Capitalism, a dog eating another, everybody wanting to rule the world, all slaves of their own greed… so when push comes to shove and the world goes straight to hell the only thing that will keep mankind together is all the bright white-collared people with not many moral qualms but a drive that just keeps them ticking.

Today was like tasting good food after having starved my whole life- it was grander than fire and what do you know- I was there. I mean. God damn it. Technocrats in suits & ties are way cooler than super-heroes…

In a sense today was the best day of my life despite the god-awful pineapple soft drink we had during dinner at the mall afterwards.