In Chile, day one, 21.May.2006

Okay, we´re back.
I´m gonna post daily the travel log of crap I got to write down while in Santiago last week:

- - - - - - - - - -

The whole notion of it finally sinks in as I set my foot aboard the A-320 and all of a sudden I´m back to being a kid a kid in Christmas morning; I manage to pull through sheer incredulity and make my smile even wider.
Liftoff is the closest thing to Paradise that I´ve ever felt and I hadn´t felt that in a while. To be honest I was pretty sure I wouldn´t feel it again so soon but what do you know.
The earphones are plugged in I´m begging the DJ for Berlin´s Take my breath away or the overture to Richard Wagner´s Parsifal. It´s U2´s Pride instead with Bono taking the chorus through its usual exciting 1980s crescendo- in the name of love and all that- And it reminds me that all of this is about, because of and for love. Was in love with this girl a few years back, were gonna move in together etc, only it didn´t quite work out because of something called life that got in the way… so here I am soaring over South America heading west to sunny Santiago, Chile… Jailbreak has gone international as planned but I still can´t believe it´s working…
It is the coolest thing ever:

“Como se llama esto?” – this is me in mock-Spanish asking the lady next to me about the breakfast omelet. Turns out it´s called just that in Spanish too.

“Pudo mirar esto un rato por favor?” – this is me in something quite like Spanish, if spoken by a seven year-old from Mars, to her husband, asking for a peek at his Chilean newspaper so I can get the current exchange rate for the Dollar.

The other guy from the office is a few seats ahead and I´m thinking of going over for some gum. Some people always carry gum with them, you know?
--the view from the window over the starboard wing takes my breath away; I´d forgotten how cool flying really was.
The Wallflowers start singing One headlight and I´m thinking what the hell I´m doing here. Because all of this? It´s about love, you see.

PS: You´re not going to believe this but some kid has just forgotten a toy Batmobile in the bathroom over the washing basin. It´s probably Batman´s way of bidding me godspeed & telling me it´s gonna be alright. I´ll take it as a good omen if any.

- - - - - - - - - -

Sunday evening in Santiago, a haiku:

Watching brown leaves fall,
Pizza Hut then Picasso
-Autumn in Chile.