In Chile, day two, 22.May.2006

Waking up bare naked at 07:30am after a ten-hour sleep then getting to work at 09:00am on foot (after a hot shower and a shave!) and leaving at 06:00pm without having answered a single phonecall…?
I have died & went straight to Heaven, right?

On a totally unrelated sidenote there´s a p*rn flick on late-night TV right now and I actually know the name of the actress. I scare the sh*t out of me in times like these, I think I´m becoming mankind´s depository for useless information.
…Kind of for when the aliens come down on earth and pretty much vanquish all of humanity and there´s just this small group of people left we´ll have to start civilization all over again and hey I´m gonna be the guy in charge of all p*rnography, at least to make sure they do it right: Less stuff with batteries, more fresh fruit & handcuffs. Also, is it called s*d*my too when it´s male on female? We should have more of that as well.

It´s midnight and there´s this gorgeous blonde outside at the corner just below my bedroom window and I´m wondering what would it take to get her up here, and how much it would cost.
Of course I automatically assume all pretty girls to be a bit of a h**ker, alright.

Tagline for men: We are not free.