This is me, during the World Cup

I have come to the following conclusion:
I remember brushing my teeth all my life, but I don´t remember flossing the whole time.
I mean, flossing is important too, right? Providing you do it regularly and not with one of those unwaxed brands that leave tiny strands of itself between your teeth after you´re done.
Also, I often hurt my gums when I floss because I think I floss too hard.

Yeah, yeah, I´ve seen the picture, you go on bragging how much cooler you are, that you can relax and that god I´m so uptight, that it´s the World Cup for crying out loud, that it happens only once in every… six (?)… four(??)… hundred-and-ten(???)… years so what the hey, that I should play along and have a good time.

Think of me as a gargoyle perched atop Snake Mountain- a motionless, wordless gargoyle thinking about flossing.