Girls, mostly. Also Bond movies, Ben Affleck, Aerosmith, and oddly enough, the Baba Yaga (Russian witch)

The Baba Yaga is a witch from Russian folklore. She lives in the forest, has a big nose and thin, long arched legs, eats kids, maybe has iron teeth like the Jaws the James Bond villain from the Roger Moore movies.
One telling of the myth says the Baba Yaga has a real name, which is a secret, but also her kryptonite. Like, if you’re ever confronted by the Baba Yaga and you just happen to know the old hag’s real name, well, tell her you know it, and she’ll probably refrain from eating you with her iron teeth.

I knew this girl back in my hometown, and this was say five or six years ago, “Armageddon” was on with Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler, and she was alone at the time. Lonely. And she would stand at night against the window sill, the panes opened wide against the starry sky, and she would sigh and sing along to the god-awful Aerosmith song blasting from the radio- the song from the movie- that went something like, I don’t wanna close my eyes, I don’t wanna fall asleep, because I don’t wanna miss ya baby, I don’t wanna miss a thing, and she would think- she told me later on- of somebody she was still to meet. She would think that there was this boy out there that would be her man, the perfect man for her, that would stand besides her by the window and stare at the sky at night with her. Maybe that boy was doing the same thing at that very moment, who knew?
And if only she could see his face, if only she knew his name…

Quite prone to star-gazing as I am, it would take some goddamn Earth-wiping asteroid to make me sigh over Ben Affleck’s love-song from a movie co-starring Steve Buscemi. Hence, I didn’t. But as it turned out, and that was in late ’99, I told my friend, Buddy, I’m through living in this mess. I want to go straight and narrow, you gotta get me a girlfriend. Your own girlfriend has, after all, a zillion of friends in College, so what the heck— It really didn’t take us too long after that.

So we met, and a few months later we were there by her window sill, looking at the stars ourselves under a warm, humid summer sky, half-naked , hand in hand, all very romantic & stuff, she knew my name and I knew hers; Baba Yaga fallen down to earth and the Aerosmith song long since forgotten.