With love, (In the end all it took was a pair of big brown eyes)

It’s five or six years and a life later, the world’s quiet and dark outside, the skyline's breaking through the late night, Sunday night, you’re breathing a little heavy. You are dozing. Off to Slumberland.

Apropos of well, everything, I’ve just recalled a line from Alan Moore & Dave Gibbon’s Watchmen, it’s right in the last chapter. It’s a conversation between Dan Dreiberg and Laurie Juspeczyk after all’s been said and done, they’re embracing in the dark, making love to each other- “What's that you smell of?," she asks him. Or he asks her. I don’t remember which.
"Nostalgia," he/she answers.

The very motif of you is embedded in a drop of your own sweat and it smells sweet, it smells like being 20 years old all over again and it feels like I’ve waited all my life to ask you one last time, one last night, “What's that you smell of?”