Closer to free, pt. III

The past week was insane- I must have slept what?, less than 20 hours in the last five nights- then all the training at work (which is very demanding because it takes a lot from you, emotionally-speaking, it’s not just technical stuff), then the ensuing people, then the ensuing partying (going out from Mon to Sun, baby!).

I hadn’t realized how tired I was until last night at the movies, I’d lost my cap under the chair and the movie was over I bowed down to look for it, everything blackened out for a split-second. I said, Whoa.
(Hey, maybe it was because of the movie itself. I mean. Jesus Christ, that Superman Returns thing is endless!)

When I was back in College- we’re talking about the tail-end of College here, when I decided to finally graduate and walk the straight & narrow- I would stay up late at night doing College stuff, essays, etc, listening to the Pogues. There’s this song called The ghost of a smile, that has a line going, You gotta walk that mile, honeychild, but I would sing it aloud every time adding an EXTRA word- You gotta walk that EXTRA mile, honeychild… mostly because when push comes to shove you gotta be a man, roll up your sleeves and stand tall.

I’m beat, I’m tired, I’m running on empty, running on fumes, I’m utterly spent.

But this is me slowing down: No way.
Week two? Bring it on!

(I need the proof that I can take it).