Closer to free, pt. II

(Talking, drinking, etc.)
ME: …And just guess what was the first thing I was told about you when I first came here?
GIRL: Good first thing or bad first thing?
ME: Bad. Metaphorically speaking, Hiroshima. Dresden. My Lai.
GIRL: So…?
(Then enter Batman’s leitmotif- Ta ta tataaaa…)
ME: That you were married.
GIRL: I’m not married, I just…
ME: …That you lived with some guy.
GIRL: That’s pretty bold. I didn’t think you had it in you.
ME: I have a theme song now.

Memo to self: Ditch the leitmotif thing.

Meanwhile, somewhere else entirely, klaxons flare:
“Varning. Lat inte Kryptoniten komma nara Superman.”
That’s today’s punchline, by the way— and off to work.