Dilbert attains godhood

I don’t think there’s a God, and I cannot accept that there is a God, because well- I really can’t accept that there’s such an assh*le minding the store; look at the sloppy work he’s been doing for the last ahh. Thousands of years or so.
So he took the goo out of the waters and up the trees, then moved the whole bunch out of Ethiopia to the world. Big deal, I bet he had an intern or two pushing for those last bits. Then the intern wasn’t really paid very well and moved to the competition; that’s how you’d explain things like napalm and cancer and televangelism.

But then, maybe “upper management” is the very proof that God exists… I wonder…
-Just look at Michael the archangel just waiting in the wings. Or is that Samael? Yeah, that’s who I would hire, you know? Proud Samael whom would question authority and think for himself.
Downside is, Satan. But then again, Satan is the downside for everyone.

…Which kind of brings me (back) to Superman and why I like Superman so much. Now there’s this guy who’s looking all strong, imperious, inspiring, sexy (strictly for the chicks) and bold, and he’s leading the way.
Superman takes the front and looks back at us, smiles that smile right off the wheat fields of Kansas and his baby-blues glisten under the very yellow sun that feeds him his powers, then he says, “Follow me. I’ll lead the way.”
Dear God, I would follow Superman through Hell and back.

Of course everything’s so much easier when done under a John Williams’ leitmotif.
I mean, just ask Darth Vader or Indiana Jones.