Closer to free, pt. IV

I think I’m going back to writing comic book scripts.

The dry spell seems to be over. I was jogging last Sunday under a warm midday sun downtown and was I very eager to see the new Superman movie in the evening. It made me think.
So Superman was coming back after a few years’ absence, so why couldn’t I come back as well? Well, not myself per se, but I can write super-heroes.

One big coincidence there, there’s this other guy who’s been away for about five years and it’s not Superman. I do have a plethora of funnybook people of my own and my favorite son’s been away for long enough.
I had been rehearsing and rehearsing his big comeback but I just couldn’t find a way, a why. Why would he come back, this character- Well, he’s called The Centurion and I came up with him when I was nine years old, it’s silly, so what- Do you know when it feels like your character’s developed a life of his own and does not want to comeback?
He retired in the same year the World Trade Center fell, by the way, but a few months earlier.

As it turns out, it’s not about Why would he come back, but more like, Why wouldn’t he come back?
So he’s coming back. I’m thinking five or six “issues”, each of them 22 pages long, full-script. I think I can do it.

Here’s the lowdown: Well, not much so far.
#1 is gonna be called “I’ve been waiting for this moment just to hear you say…” and it’s basically centered on the main character plus this other one, and they’ll spend most of #1 roaming through outer space and having this very introspective conversation while at it, a meeting between old friends.
There will be a recurring theme that centers on this one big existential issue and the theme will be repeated time and again, each time for one half-assed revelation that will just skim the shores of the subject itself, until we reach that last page and he says it aloud.

…Definitely not doing skintight costumes, secret-identities or Batmobiles, though. It’s got to be a story about people, not about adolescent power-fantasies.
Of course there’s gonna be a punch or two thrown in by the time we reach the last issue, but the whole story should have very little action, and by god, no “super-villains”.

Top Gun (movie) proved that you can have a story without a plot or an antagonist, so there.

(okay, that last bit was mostly a joke)